Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Time

As a mommy now of 3 little ones, I have decided I need a outlet! My oldest is 4 and starts preschool this year, my middle one just turned 2 and my newest one is a week and half. During my pregnancy I know I was getting "she is CRAZY" stares, but I honestly wouldn't change anything. The first two are 22 months apart and the boys are exactly 26 months apart almost to the time. My princess (who will stay the princess) will be going to half day preschool this year, so my big man will be without his playmate. I'm already trying hard to think of ways to keep him occupied and entertained until baby boy is able to play too.

I must say though that I feel truly blessed to be able to stay home with them. I was able to leave my job of over 5 years back in March. My husband and I decided that it would be best for EVERYONE if I stayed home with the kids. My amazing mother had been watching my oldest 2 but I could never ask her to watch 3 of them under the age of 5. Not only would it be crazy to ask my mother to that, but with this economy and gas prices I was working to pay for my gas and not much more. It was a hard decision, but my babies come first.

My recent pregnancy put my through the ringer. I am so thankful to be holding this perfect little boy in my arms. At the 20 week scan everything seemed fine, the next morning at 8am (on a Saturday too) my OB calls to tell me they found 2 "soft markers" and I need to see the high risk OB and genetic counselor. It was almost 2 weeks after that I'm going in for an amniocentesis. Another week for the first round of results and then another 2 to 3 weeks for the rest. When I got the first phone call it was April fools, and the nurse tells me the FISH test came back normal. I was so happy, I just started crying and thanking God for touching my little boy. A couple weeks passed and I hadn't heard anything on the second part, so I called and the nurse asked if I knew what I was having, I said yes a boy, she said well then you have a healthy, normal boy! I got off the phone again crying with joy, I started calling everyone and telling them the great news! That was the longest month of my life and I felt honestly that I had been put on pause the whole time.

After I was able to get ready for my newest addition without any concerns or worries, I started looking at different options to save us money. I did my research and have decided to cloth diaper my littlest man. I have one potty trained and one thinking about it. So with my middle one wearing pull ups and still using wipes on him, I needed to cut cost as much as possible. We are more than stable on one income, I just want to be able to start saving for the kids. We also have a Disney trip planned that we need to plan accordingly for, as I do not want to come home in debt up to my ears. I'm anxiously waiting for my little ones circ to heal so we can get started on our cloth adventure. 

Well everyone has been up since 7am, and getting a bit grumpy. Crazy kids, wish I had their energy!!!

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