Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well the time is here! We are finally going to have a party for Ms. Aaryanna's 4th birthday. I can't believe its been four years since my little princess arrived. We are having a Tangled themed party, and I honestly can't wait for her to see her cakes. Out of all things this little girl could get excited about she LOVES seeing her birthday cakes. She's not a big present person, she likes seeing everyone and just taking in the moment. So today is my prep/ cleaning day. I don't know where I'm going to find the energy being it hasn't even been two weeks since I gave birth to Austyn. I'm honestly just asking for trouble by doing so much, by body is getting really mad at me, but it's for a good cause. Right now I have cake #1 in the oven and I needed to sit down. I need to make jello and cut up fruit, but my niece is going to come over tonight and help me out THANK GOODNESS!! She is really good about cleaning and doing things the way she's asked to. So if I just concentrate on the cakes her and my dear husband can get everything else to my liking.

So besides cakes, food and birthday prep, we have been pretty lazy! Austyn did wear his first cloth diaper the over night (he looked so stinkin' cute) but his stub hasn't fallen off yet and the diaper kept hitting it making him a little mad. I know they fall off around 2 weeks so I'm expecting to find it in his diaper here soon. He didn't seem to mind it, and he even has a messy poop and everything stayed in! I can't wait to start sewing again, so I can make his some super cute diapers. I have some diapers and inserts I need to prep so we can get to wearing them hopefully next week!!

So the hubby and I have been trying to make Mr. Aaydan's transition from baby to middle child as easy as possible. Daddy put up his BIG BOY bed up, a blue race car bed. Then Grandma bought him a McQueen comforter to go with it. He looks so little sleeping in it, being he went right from the crib to a twin size bed. I couldn't believe how big it was when he put it up, luckily I picked up a sheet set to fit a twin bed. We also have been trying to make sure he get some one on one time. Today while baby sleeps we are cuddling and watching movies, his favorites Cars and Toy Story of course. He loves his brother though and doesn't like seeing him upset, I think they will end up being best friends!

Well kinda peeved now!! I put the second cake in the oven and restarted the timer, went in there to check on the cake and THE OVEN WAS OFF!!! Don't know how long it was off for so I hurried up and turned it back on and reset the timer AGAIN!! Hopefully the cake isn't ruined that just makes me so mad. I have a bit of cake mix left over so I'm going to make some cake pops if I have extra time (HAHAHAHAHA). Can't wait for Samantha to get here to help me. I'm ready to make pancakes for the princess!!

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