Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday..... Monday

Well I must say that the party was great. For having a baby 2weeks ago I feel that it was just the right amount of excitement. I was beyond exhausted but mustered through the day for me sweet princess. She got things she didn't need, but isn't that what birthdays are for? Aaydan even got present, probably not the best idea, but at this age he doesn't understand why.

Anyway, last night I finished washing my cloth diaper stash last night. I've been using at least one a day for the past couple days but today we start doing it full time (well hoping I have enough diapers to last). Austyn doesn't seem to mind the fit at all and he just looks so cute! I've been researching which laundry detergent to use and right now I'm using Dynamo Free and Clear. I chose that based on a couple different detergent charts like Cloth Diaper Detergents. So far we have just use our Flips and haven't had a issue yet (fingers crossed). I really like this system as I can use a variety of inserts. I plan on trying my cloth wipes out too, going to use just straight water while his skin is still sensitive, but may adventure out after that.

So besides parties and diapers, dealing with some major sibling issues. Aaryanna and Aaydan always played so well together. The week or so right before Austyn came that all changed. Aaydan has learned how to annoy Aaryanna to the point of a meltdown from each of them. I have done everything I can think of to give them each a little extra attention to keep the fighting at bay, but doesn't seem to work. The thing is Aaydan can take something that he has absolutely NO interest in (ex. barbies, baby dolls) and flaunt it in front of Aaryanna by saying "Sis, sis" till she starts screaming bloody murder. She will do the same thing right back about 20mins later. I hope once school starts for Aaryanna and she does dance class things will be different. I feel bad because Aaydan will be by himself more often but for my sanity I think its for the best!

Well off to my cup of coffee. it is very much needed after a long day yesterday and a short night!

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