Friday, September 16, 2011

Brush, brush, step...

  Well I'm excited to say we officially live with a Ballerina. The first day of class went so great, I was so proud of how well she did. After school yesterday, we weren't even out of the parking lot when she started asking for her dance shoes. When we got home I had to keep her busy and away from her brother, so she wouldn't get even more worn out. Just about an hour before class I told her to go get the hair brush, and you would of thought she won the lottery. I put her hair up in a bun (aka. Tinker Bell hair) and it just felt so surreal. We put on the pink tights, leotard and skirt, a ballerina now stood in front of me! She was so eager to leave, being we live right around the corner, we walked down there and enjoyed the beautiful weather. When we got there the older girls were doing pointe class, and Aaryanna was just mesmerized. I can see dance being in our future for a long time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When the sun goes down..

     So it's been a while since I've been able to get on here. I think I have figured out the secret to all these successful blogs, you do it when the sun goes down. When the kids are tucked in bed and you are trying to relax yourself that is when it is the best to write your heart out.

     This past week has been VERY eventful! Miss Aaryanna started pre-school and LOVES it. She is already like a little mommy in her class, the third day she walked in and started passing out play-dough. I can't believe my baby is so grown up. Tomorrow is her first day of dance class too, ballet and tap, following in her mommy's footsteps. She has already brought home so many pieces of artwork from school, but they are all PURPLE.I can't wait to frame them, even though they would blend right into her purple walls.

    Aaydan, the main man, is just growing by leaps and bounds. Since Aaryanna started school you see a whole new side of him. He is talking more, and more clearly. He is also so cuddly, more than he has ever been and I am NOT complaining. I feel like I missed so much with Aaryanna and even Aaydan too but now that I'm home it's so amazing to see the little changes DAILY.

     Austyn, the newbie, is also just growing so fast. I wish he would stay little forever, since I'm pretty sure he is our last. Today we had our appointment with the pediatric neurologist, to check on the molding of his head and everything is PERFECT! I'm on such guard with every little thing about him, that for peace of mind our regular pediatrician referred us. Right now he has bad baby acne, poor guy, hopefully he won't have to deal with it when he is in highschool.

   Well lately we have been trying to think of ways to remodel the house. We know we want to either build a second level OR knock this house down all together and build a new house. I'm hoping that the hubby gets the big promotion sometime soon, so these dreams can become more of reality. There are so many thing I want to do now, but feel it would be a waste of money just if we tear it all down in year. One thing I would like to get done now is my sewing room, since I am so interested in selling my diapers. I love sewing my fluff and I think people would like their little ones wearing them too! If I can start selling my dipes, I could use the profit to go towards a building fund. With our Disney trip like 70 days away I feel so overwhelmed with everything and trying to get everything settled. We still need to get our tickets purchased and plan out schedule so we aren't missing anything this time.

    So speaking of Disney, I have been on their website almost everyday this past week (you know when I get a free moment). Disney has an excellent website and even has a sections with other mom reviews. I wish I would of know about this last year, but I have been reading up this year to help our trip be even more successful. This time around I also made sure we had reservation to have breakfast with some of our favorite characters; Winnie, Tigger, Pooh and Eeyore. I can't wait to see Aaryanna and Aaydan eat their first Mickey Mouse waffle. This is a week that I just can't wait for!

    Well I guess I should get to finishing my laundry and cleaning. There is no rest for the wicked OR a mommy of 3!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers

I must say I am loving the cloth diapers. I wish I would of done this so much sooner!!

My favorite diaper so far is the Thirsties Duo Diaper. It's a very trim, but absorbent diaper. My little man (10lbs 1oz at birth) is wearing a size 1, we didn't have to snap it down to fit but the waist still had some breathing room. As a first time cloth diaper user, I must say it is very user friendly! My next Thirsties diaper I'm ready to try is the Duo Fab Fitted. I have read great reviews on this diaper. With a newborn I've read that the fitted diapers are really good to keep runny poops in. One reason I LOVE the duo diaper and its gussets. Thirsities is an awesome company and has a Thirsties Thursday Giveaway! This week they are giving away two (2) Duo Fab Fitted diapers. I'm passing this giveaway on to all of my friends who cloth diaper as well, even if they have never used a Thirsties diaper I'm sure they will.

Well back to the grind of mommyhood!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday..... Monday

Well I must say that the party was great. For having a baby 2weeks ago I feel that it was just the right amount of excitement. I was beyond exhausted but mustered through the day for me sweet princess. She got things she didn't need, but isn't that what birthdays are for? Aaydan even got present, probably not the best idea, but at this age he doesn't understand why.

Anyway, last night I finished washing my cloth diaper stash last night. I've been using at least one a day for the past couple days but today we start doing it full time (well hoping I have enough diapers to last). Austyn doesn't seem to mind the fit at all and he just looks so cute! I've been researching which laundry detergent to use and right now I'm using Dynamo Free and Clear. I chose that based on a couple different detergent charts like Cloth Diaper Detergents. So far we have just use our Flips and haven't had a issue yet (fingers crossed). I really like this system as I can use a variety of inserts. I plan on trying my cloth wipes out too, going to use just straight water while his skin is still sensitive, but may adventure out after that.

So besides parties and diapers, dealing with some major sibling issues. Aaryanna and Aaydan always played so well together. The week or so right before Austyn came that all changed. Aaydan has learned how to annoy Aaryanna to the point of a meltdown from each of them. I have done everything I can think of to give them each a little extra attention to keep the fighting at bay, but doesn't seem to work. The thing is Aaydan can take something that he has absolutely NO interest in (ex. barbies, baby dolls) and flaunt it in front of Aaryanna by saying "Sis, sis" till she starts screaming bloody murder. She will do the same thing right back about 20mins later. I hope once school starts for Aaryanna and she does dance class things will be different. I feel bad because Aaydan will be by himself more often but for my sanity I think its for the best!

Well off to my cup of coffee. it is very much needed after a long day yesterday and a short night!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well the time is here! We are finally going to have a party for Ms. Aaryanna's 4th birthday. I can't believe its been four years since my little princess arrived. We are having a Tangled themed party, and I honestly can't wait for her to see her cakes. Out of all things this little girl could get excited about she LOVES seeing her birthday cakes. She's not a big present person, she likes seeing everyone and just taking in the moment. So today is my prep/ cleaning day. I don't know where I'm going to find the energy being it hasn't even been two weeks since I gave birth to Austyn. I'm honestly just asking for trouble by doing so much, by body is getting really mad at me, but it's for a good cause. Right now I have cake #1 in the oven and I needed to sit down. I need to make jello and cut up fruit, but my niece is going to come over tonight and help me out THANK GOODNESS!! She is really good about cleaning and doing things the way she's asked to. So if I just concentrate on the cakes her and my dear husband can get everything else to my liking.

So besides cakes, food and birthday prep, we have been pretty lazy! Austyn did wear his first cloth diaper the over night (he looked so stinkin' cute) but his stub hasn't fallen off yet and the diaper kept hitting it making him a little mad. I know they fall off around 2 weeks so I'm expecting to find it in his diaper here soon. He didn't seem to mind it, and he even has a messy poop and everything stayed in! I can't wait to start sewing again, so I can make his some super cute diapers. I have some diapers and inserts I need to prep so we can get to wearing them hopefully next week!!

So the hubby and I have been trying to make Mr. Aaydan's transition from baby to middle child as easy as possible. Daddy put up his BIG BOY bed up, a blue race car bed. Then Grandma bought him a McQueen comforter to go with it. He looks so little sleeping in it, being he went right from the crib to a twin size bed. I couldn't believe how big it was when he put it up, luckily I picked up a sheet set to fit a twin bed. We also have been trying to make sure he get some one on one time. Today while baby sleeps we are cuddling and watching movies, his favorites Cars and Toy Story of course. He loves his brother though and doesn't like seeing him upset, I think they will end up being best friends!

Well kinda peeved now!! I put the second cake in the oven and restarted the timer, went in there to check on the cake and THE OVEN WAS OFF!!! Don't know how long it was off for so I hurried up and turned it back on and reset the timer AGAIN!! Hopefully the cake isn't ruined that just makes me so mad. I have a bit of cake mix left over so I'm going to make some cake pops if I have extra time (HAHAHAHAHA). Can't wait for Samantha to get here to help me. I'm ready to make pancakes for the princess!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Time

As a mommy now of 3 little ones, I have decided I need a outlet! My oldest is 4 and starts preschool this year, my middle one just turned 2 and my newest one is a week and half. During my pregnancy I know I was getting "she is CRAZY" stares, but I honestly wouldn't change anything. The first two are 22 months apart and the boys are exactly 26 months apart almost to the time. My princess (who will stay the princess) will be going to half day preschool this year, so my big man will be without his playmate. I'm already trying hard to think of ways to keep him occupied and entertained until baby boy is able to play too.

I must say though that I feel truly blessed to be able to stay home with them. I was able to leave my job of over 5 years back in March. My husband and I decided that it would be best for EVERYONE if I stayed home with the kids. My amazing mother had been watching my oldest 2 but I could never ask her to watch 3 of them under the age of 5. Not only would it be crazy to ask my mother to that, but with this economy and gas prices I was working to pay for my gas and not much more. It was a hard decision, but my babies come first.

My recent pregnancy put my through the ringer. I am so thankful to be holding this perfect little boy in my arms. At the 20 week scan everything seemed fine, the next morning at 8am (on a Saturday too) my OB calls to tell me they found 2 "soft markers" and I need to see the high risk OB and genetic counselor. It was almost 2 weeks after that I'm going in for an amniocentesis. Another week for the first round of results and then another 2 to 3 weeks for the rest. When I got the first phone call it was April fools, and the nurse tells me the FISH test came back normal. I was so happy, I just started crying and thanking God for touching my little boy. A couple weeks passed and I hadn't heard anything on the second part, so I called and the nurse asked if I knew what I was having, I said yes a boy, she said well then you have a healthy, normal boy! I got off the phone again crying with joy, I started calling everyone and telling them the great news! That was the longest month of my life and I felt honestly that I had been put on pause the whole time.

After I was able to get ready for my newest addition without any concerns or worries, I started looking at different options to save us money. I did my research and have decided to cloth diaper my littlest man. I have one potty trained and one thinking about it. So with my middle one wearing pull ups and still using wipes on him, I needed to cut cost as much as possible. We are more than stable on one income, I just want to be able to start saving for the kids. We also have a Disney trip planned that we need to plan accordingly for, as I do not want to come home in debt up to my ears. I'm anxiously waiting for my little ones circ to heal so we can get started on our cloth adventure. 

Well everyone has been up since 7am, and getting a bit grumpy. Crazy kids, wish I had their energy!!!